Botulinum Toxins

All botulinum toxins are injected to target specific muscles and are classified as Prescription Only Medicines (POM). The effect of a botulinum toxin is to limit the muscle’s movement, which leads to some specific effects but also potential side effects.


Botulinum toxins are injected into the muscles, typically to reduce lines on foreheads or where a patient wants to reduce wrinkles ( they can also be used for things like reduction of sweat in armpits). However, while you may be keen to get rid of those annoying lines it’s worth being aware of possible side-effects as well as the benefits.

Effects and benefits

In cosmetic medicine botulinum toxins are often used to treat expression lines, meaning the lines that appear when we smile or frown. These injections, if used judiciously, can soften lines and make the patient look more ‘awake’.


Most drugs have the potential to cause side effects depending on the patient and as with regular medicines, it’s always worth taking time to make yourself aware of the risks.

Side-effects can range from bruising and redness to the drooping of your face which is why we strongly advise studying the longer PDF attached here to fully understand the risks. We also recommend you discuss it with your JCCP registered practitioner before any procedure. Look for your nearest one here

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