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We acknowledge that everyone who seeks to receive cosmetic procedures should be afforded every opportunity to be informed about what they can expect to achieve from the procedure and to be able to evaluate this against any known physical or psychological risks that might be associated with the treatment itself.

The decision to undertake a cosmetic procedure must be an informed choice, ensuring individuals make the decision that they consider will enhance their overall health and psychological and emotional wellbeing. We acknowledge this to be a decision that is often influenced by advertising and social media, which itself presents a risk. Members of the public require access to accurate, independent information and advice that provides insight into how cosmetic treatments might impact them in the context of their unique and individual circumstances, so that they can make the correct (and safe) choices prior to commencing their treatment journey.

For those who seek cosmetic treatments, emotional and psychological needs may also be identifiable at the time of initial consultation. As such, all practitioners should be aware of the need to consider potential consumer vulnerability and prioritise making treatment decisions that reflect the interests of consumer wellbeing and mental health. These considerations should occur jointly with practitioners and members of the public, to inform the appropriate treatment, signposting for alternatives and/or ongoing assessment of treatment outcomes and aftercare. Additionally, psychological/emotional safeguards need to be prioritised following any treatment, in respect to both individuals and practitioners, to ensure any adverse events are appropriately addressed.

The Mental Health foundation, in partnership with the JCCP and a number of national experts in this area, have been working together to raise awareness about body image issues in the ‘Mind over Mirror’ campaign. The campaign aimed to promote positive and effective messaging to members of the public and practitioners, including responsible marketing and the appropriate ‘safe’ use of social media/apps. A range of tools were developed to assist in this process. To discover more about research into body image, visit the Mental Health Foundation website and download the interactive guide.

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